Virtual Choir

Hello!  And welcome to the Fortismere Virtual Choir page!  We in the Music Department are so glad you’ve decided to give our choir a go and we hope you enjoy the experience. Every Monday we will post new material to help you develop your singing AND we are working towards a virtual performance at the end of the term.

Warm up

It is essential you warm up before singing.  It will help you sound your best and ensure you do not damage your voice.  There are two warm ups for you to do – a short physical warm up and a vocal one.

Skill: Diction

There’s a lot to think about when you’re singing – breathing, phrasing not to mention remembering the lyrics – however, one of the sure-fire ways to improve the sound you make is to make sure you develop good diction. 

Our Song: Mr Blue Sky

Voice 1 = Soprano, Voice 2 = Alto, Voice 3 = Tenors & Basses