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FCC Rehearsal Information

All rehearsals are on Saturday mornings in the Music Concert Hall, Music Block, North Wing, Fortismere School, 10.30am - 1pm with a break for refreshments where tea/coffee and cake is provided. There are also occasionally whole day rehearsals from 10.30am - 4pm. Please bring your music, a pencil to mark up the score, and a mug for the tea/coffee break.


If you are coming by car please come via the Tetherdown entrance and use the lower car park. The car park off Creighton Avenue is available for those who need closer access, please talk to the Centre Manager if you need this. Walk in entrances are open both at the Tetherdown gate and the Creighton Avenue gate.

We are currently rehearsing Mozart's Requiem for performance on 27th April. We are using the Barenreiter edition.

Summer Term 2024

Spring concert: Saturday, April 27th at 7pm at St Andrew's Church, N10 2DD

Mozart: Ave Verum Corpus in D major, K618

Mozart: Requiem in D minor, K626

Choir rehearsal dates leading up to 27th April performance:

Tuesday 16th April: Fortismere School Concert Hall, 7 - 9 pm Choir and Orchestra: Requiem and Ave Verum. 
Saturday 20th April - Fortismere School Concert Hall, Choir only, full day 10.30 am - 4 pm with choir master Cathal Garvey.
Tuesday 23rd April: Fortismere School Concert Hall, Choir and Orchestra 7 - 8 pm - Requiem. 
Friday 26th April: 7 - 9 pm at St. Andrew's Church N10 2DD, Choir and Orchestra Requiem and Ave Verum. 


Saturday 27th April: Concert Day rehearsal at St. Andrew's Church, N10 2DD

2 pm: Requiem - Soloists and Orchestra only.
2:20 pm: Requiem - Choir and Orchestra and soloists run-through
3:30 pm: Break
3:45 pm: Ave Verum
4:00 pm: BREAK


7:00 pm Concert

Summer Term workshops (all 10.30am - 4pm):

Repertoire for each day to be announced.

Saturday May 11th
Saturday June 8th
Saturday June 22nd
Saturday July 6th

Rehearsal Aids for Mozart's Requiem​

Cathal's score has been scanned in so that members can do a final check of their breathing/dynamics. FB = free breathe, ie where you want to. BB = big breath. A line / means separate the next word, but not necessarily with a breath. 

pp. 1 - 17

pp. 18 - 31

pp.32 - 47

pp.48 - 61

pp 62 - 75

pp 76 - end

Cyberbass rehearsal parts can be found here.

Videos with scores can be found online, for example ChordPerfect:

Soprano playlist

Alto playlist
Tenor playlist
Bass playlist

Rehearsal Aids for Mozart's Ave Verum Corpus

A recording with score and all parts balanced, is here.


Chord Perfect's videos for sections with the score can be found by clicking the links below:





The parts are at

The vocal score will be available at rehearsals but you can download/print out a copy here.

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