Paying for Choir, Orchestra & Lessons

At FMC we will all our members via online invoices, e-mailed before the start of term.

Please pay before the start of term to secure your slot.

How to pay

You should receive an itemised invoice before the start of term via e-mail. When you open the link inside the email the option to pay will be in the top right corner. Click on this and follow instructions to make payment.

If you would like to pay in installments, we're happy to arrange this. Just get in touch with the Centre Manager, here.

If you are owed a refund, please get in touch with the Centre Manager, here.

Choir & Orchestra

We offer the Choir and Orchestra to pay for an entire year's membership at the start of term. If you would like to do this, please get in touch with the Centre Manager, here.


I don't have the ability to pay online

Click here to let us know your name, e-mail address, and which ensemble you are in / instrument you study and we will arrange a non-digital payment.

I have missed lessons - should I still pay?

At FMC our policy is that two weeks is required to cancel a lesson by either the pupil or the teacher. If you cannot make a lesson but give us two weeks' notice, we will either deduct the cost or refund a previously made payment. Similarly, if a teacher cannot make a lesson, we will refund the cost of the lesson or arrange a make-up lesson.

I have been billed the wrong amount

Click here to let us know if we've billed the wrong amount by accident. We'll amend this straight away, or reimburse if you've already payed.

I am eligible for concessions rate

Click here to let us know if you should be charged a concessions rate. This is available for people in our ensembles who are unemployed, or still students.

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